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Where fresh air and country breezes are always a garden gate away!

About us

Lavender Garden Soaps offers quality natural bar soaps free of harmful chemicals or preservatives for an economical price. Our mission is to provide healthy alternatives to chemical laden products that everyone can afford. All of our soaps are made in a sanitized and smoke-free environment.

Most of our soaps use only essential oils which carry the essence of the plant itself, and provides aroma therapy benefits. Most people find that using scents in their most natural form creates a more pleasing aroma, as well as a lower possibility of allergic reactions. We cure our soaps for over a month to ensure the mildest of products, creating a product that is gentle for even sensitive skin types. Some of our bars will include leaves or blossoms from the herb of choice. For those who prefer a wider variety of scents, our fragrance soaps are of the highest quality available.

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I am pleased to announce that online shopping is now operational. Save time running around on errand trips and purchase your holiday gifts from your home.

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Visit our ETSY store (LGSoaps) — Lavender Garden Soaps and Scents. Our shop showcases additional products.

Where to find our products locally

Covered Bridge Country Store, 34 Tucker St., Pepperell, MA

Facets etc., 30A Hollis St., Groton, MA

Snap It’s Vintage, 33 Main St., Nashua, N.H.

Pickity Place, 248 Nutting Hill Rd., Greenville, N.H.

Pepperell Family Pharmacy, 74 Main St., Pepperell, MA

Our current inventory

Our products vary slightly from season to season, we we'll keep you posted on our current offerings here:

  • Goat Milk Bar Soap
  • Vegetable Bar Soap
  • Soy Candles
  • Reed Diffusers
  • Bath Salts
  • Bath Scrubs
  • Hand Soaps